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Office D - Dutch Barn, Old Park Farm, Main Road, Chelmsford, CM3 1LN



In fact, you don't even need Proton. ProView has been designed to provide access to patient data when Proton is unavailable. This may be due to hardware or network failure, or it could simply be that you are away from the hospital and need to review essential data "in the field".

Or perhaps you would like to give "non-Proton" users access, Transplant Coordinators, Dieticians or Social Workers, to selections of Proton data too. Maybe their requirements are so limited that they don't need to learn Proton. Perhaps you wish to avoid the need to increase the number of Proton user licenses.

How does it do this?

ProView provides a secure, read-only, multi-location backup for essential Proton data. Not all your data, but essential subsets for "active" patients. It may be blood group, transplant status, tissue type, drug allergies, next of kin, current regime or treatment prescription. Whatever it is, access to certain data is vital.

To do this ProView creates special files of patient data which the user reviews on their PC using an internet browser such as Microsoft Explorer or Netscape.

How does it work?

ProView is a three step process contained in a single product.

Step 1: Each night the Proton component of ProView creates specially formatted files of the required data from the Proton database.

Step 2: Individual PCs pick up the data files that are relevant to them. This process could be fully automated, perhaps overnight, or users could bring in their own portable PCs and connect them to the hospital network.

Step 3: Users review the data using browser software, in much the same way that information is reviewed on the Internet. Response times, however, will be noticeably faster!

Summary of Features

  • Provides access to essential data on selected groups of patients on independent PCs.
  • Uses standard browser technology (Microsoft Explorer, Netscape or FireFox) just like the Internet, so operation requires no special skills.
  • No need for users to access or learn Proton.
  • Secure data encryption.
  • Extend user access to data without the need to purchase more Proton licenses.