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  A terminal emulator designed specifically for Proton  

Why would anybody need one?
Here are 10 good reasons:

  1. No local configuration - just install and go. You'll have it running within seconds. It even creates a shortcut on the Windows "all-users" desktop - so all users of the PC can enjoy it.
  2. Can be installed from a memory stick, network server or internet download (approx 2.5Mb)
  3. All Proton function keys are pre-configured.
  4. Full colour display.
  5. Graphs and charts in colour in a separate pop-up window (see image above).
  6. Mouse menus allow you to drive the 3x3 menus with a mouse – invaluable if you are using a lap-top without a numeric keypad.
  7. Enhanced editor functions
  8. Word and Excel interface transfer capabilities and “Save As…” included.
  9. Supports SSH and secure FTP
  10. Prices are based on a sliding scale with a site-wide, unlimited user licence option.


Proton identity screen viewed using vTelnet with Mouse Menus
Graphs with vTelnet