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Keeping your finger
on the pulse...


For two decades Vitalpulse have been the acknowledged experts in renal computing. Their intimate knowledge of Renal Registries, UK Transplant (NHSBT) and Renal Patient View are well known, and their software interfaces with laboratories, PAS and dialysis equipment involves them with almost every renal unit in the UK.

Now their VitalData Clinical Information System is being deployed across the country, selected through European tender as the system of choice for numerous regional and local renal installations.

Success of the product is attributed to its on-going configurability, ease of use and competitive price, as well as the company’s profound understanding of user needs. VitalData is based on an industry standard SQL database, within a sophisticated yet intuitive graphical Windows environment.

Commissioning includes the migration of historic patient data from whatever system it replaces. Laboratory, demographic and dialysis machine interfaces are available, and integration with Microsoft Office products. Links to the UK Renal Registry, NHSBT and Renal Patient View come as standard. VitalData remains flexible throughout its working life so that it will accommodate evolving requirements and national standards.

Vitalpulse also provides on-going software support for Proton systems with a dedicated customer support service and help line.

Click on these screen shots to see VitalData in greater detail.

Users can re-size and re-arrange their selection windows and save them under their user profile. They can even assemble collections of screens and assign them to their own fast access menus ("hyperbuttons") which open up all their chosen screens with a single click of the mouse.

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  Laboratory Results  
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PD Management
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  Multiple windows into VitalData:  
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