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Our undertakings

Vitalpulse Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office reference Z8596598.

Services provided by Vitalpulse Ltd

As a by-product of our contractual support activity, our support staff may on occasion be permitted access to sensitive clinical information. This is not a responsibility taken lightly.

  • Staff responsible for support work are highly experienced in data security and fully briefed on their legal responsibilities in respect of data confidentiality. This is embodied in their contract of employment;
  • Access to confidential subject data may become essential for the purposes of:
    a) maintenance or repair of databases or local analytical routines;
    b) reporting of treatment data to authorised National Registries, for which subjects have given explicit consent;
    c) development and commissioning of integration software between VitalData, laboratories and treatment equipment.
  • Where it is necessary for data files to be stored temporarily, they are held only until they have been processed and safely delivered to the relevant Registry. They are then permanently deleted.
  • All records held temporarily by Vitalpulse Ltd are stored in encrypted disc volumes and files to RFC4880 standards in a secure environment. File transmissions are fully encrypted.
  • We will never share data with any third party.

Our commercial data

  • We do not cold call or issue newsletters, circulars or bulk emails.
  • We do not store client details for marketing purposes.
  • Contact information and any associated personal data (e.g. job title) are recorded purely for contractual purposes, project management and continuing service or support commitments.
  • Any communication you receive from Vitalpulse will be in relation to an on-going project or service activity.
  • We will never divulge or share personal information with any third party.
  • All contact information is stored fully encrypted in a secure environment.

Vitalpulse meets the standards of the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit 2019