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The Excel Interface
  Export any data straight into Microsoft Excel  

Did you know that you can export any data straight into Microsoft Excel* ?.Columns headings, derivations, formulae, pivot tables and even charts can be fully automated giving you the most comprehensive and accessible data analysis tool.

Released in December 2000, the uptake in its first month of sales was phenomenal, due partly to its sponsorship by Ortho Biotech. They were so impressed by its ability to extract data from clinical systems and import it into Excel, and then to display predefined tables and charts, that they decided that they would sponsor any unit that wished to obtain a copy for anaemia management.

The Excel Interface will import any data. A suite of routines produces specially designed data files that are sent over to your PC automatically by a new file transfer routine. The files contain patient data and embedded instructions defining how Excel should import, interpret, convert and display information. A new Excel add-in, developed by Vitalpulse, then interprets the file, imports the data displaying neatly headed columns, derived data, pivot tables, charts (pie, histograms and scatter-plots) and cumulative frequency distributions.

We are rather proud of this product and believe it to be one of our all-time best sellers.

All this for only £975 installation and £375 per PC/user.

* MS Excel versions 97 to XP. UNIX and VMS versions of Proton also require vTelnet or WRQ Reflections.

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  Organise and review your data. Apply filters, edit, re-process and print. All normal Excel features are fully supported  
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  Produce pivot tables. “Drill” into the outliers and identify those patients.  
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  Chart your data: Pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots, and even cumulative frequency distributions, are available as automated displays, fully programmed into the Excel Interface.