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Environmental Policy


Vitalpulse adopts policies and procedures aimed at conserving natural resources whilst minimising adverse environmental impact from our operations. We review our environmental policies and procedures regularly to improve our performance and quality. All employees are made aware of this policy and their responsibilities for environmental issues.


The company operates the following energy conservation policies:

  • Non-critical equipment is switched off when not needed.
  • Low energy electrical equipment is preferred for purchase.
  • The purchase of environmentally sound goods such as recycled stationery, and bio-degradable cleaning products.
  • We recycle toner cartridges, equipment, padded envelopes and paper whenever possible, consistent with our data protection policies.
  • We reuse incoming packaging materials.
  • We encourage the use of public transport and car sharing for staff on business trips.
  • We perform business as far as possible from a paperless office, undertake business electronically and discourage non-essential travel.
  • Staff are permitted to work flexi-hours and from home when appropriate, to minimise unnecessary commuting.
  • Whenever feasible we conduct meetings via teleconferencing, including Skype and WebEx.
  • Heating and lighting is switched off when not required.
  • Vitalpulse Administrative Offices are carbon neutral with power generated via solar panels.

This policy statement is on display at company premises and is made available to the public on our website.