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Support Services
  Vitalpulse provides nationwide contract support services for VitalData and Proton systems throughout the UK. In addition to renal medicine we currently provide on-going support and development for obstetrics and gynaecology, diabetes, respiratory medicine, geriatrics and haematology.  
Choose your own upgrades
We have designed the Vitalpulse support package with real upgrades built into the price. We're not talking about minor technical tweaks that some IT guru thought might be neat, but real product enhancements that you get to choose for yourself. All supported clients are entitled to use the equivalent of 25% of their maintenance premium to "purchase" items from our product and services portfolio, complete with a 10% loyalty discount. Typically our clients use their upgrade credit to purchase training, quark development, laboratory interfaces, even general services by the hour if they wish.
Improved utilites
For those clients still using Proton we have automated database integrity checks that provide cumulative growth statistics via Excel on request. In addition we have built new utilties into the system management menus for diagnosing patient and index locks, and area size discrepancies.
Support for individual products
Most Vitalpulse products are included in the system-wide maintenance contract at no extra charge. If however, you do not have a Vitalpulse Proton maintenance contract but would like the added security both of support for our products and increased future-proof protection against changes in Microsoft products, then this is available as a separate service. Please contact us for further information.